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About those new commercials...

If you've been following us on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen the new videos we posted as a sneak peek at our new ad campaign. It's taken us a while to get to this point, but the journey's been all good. We got more out the whole experience than just some good sound bites.

We first held a "casting call" through word of mouth via staff members with young children. We held an all-day session at the office on a Sunday, and our videographer, Tom Chartrand, interviewed each child on camera for about 15 minutes. It became abundantly clear which kids were destined to be on film. Some of the ones who were known to have sparkly, outgoing personalities froze in front of the camera. Others wouldn't stop talking. Then there was four-year-old Emma, who arrived dressed in her Sunday best, fully coiffed, asking where the red carpet was. A star was born.

Once the video snippets were reviewed, we arranged (on paper) groups of children by ages and personalities, hoping for good chemistry during the shoot.  Tom referred us to actor Liam O'Neill, who was based in Boston and had some commercial experience under his belt.

We scouted locations next, looking for a large, colorful elementary school classroom with air conditioning - we hoped to shoot during the summer months when school was out.  We found classrooms we liked, but ran into red tape with municipal bureaucracy. Finally, the stars aligned, and we arranged to film at a local private school in September, on a weekend when they had staff already at the school for a function elsewhere on the campus. Liam was available. Tom was available.  All systems were go!

We arrived on site, we rearranged the classroom furniture, we put a table of snacks and juice boxes in the "green room", and off we went! We held 90-minute filming sessions with three different groups of kids ranging in age from 4 to 8. Some things we discovered along the way:

(1) The younger children were much less self aware and more spontaneous.

(2) More than one child's father has handcuffs. We found out later it was because of their professions.

(3) Some six-year-olds speak like forty-year-olds.

(4) Trying to get kids to cooperate in mid afternoon is a losing proposition.

(5) Some of the childless adults involved in the production may have shifted their ideas about the ideal time to start a family to later rather than sooner.

Sorting through the hours of footage was challenging, to say the least. We were somewhat traumatized by reliving the chaos of filming day, plus we had to narrow down the nuggets of humor, poignancy and wisdom to focus our message.  We think our quest for a series of funny and engaging commercials for the firm ended up even better than we expected. View all our commercials HERE, and check back to see additional spots and even some outtakes in the near future.

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