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Statue or Statute?

Like most important legal questions, the issue of the statute of limitations has already been pondered by the great legal minds of Seinfeld. (Season 3, Episode 17, "The Café")

Kramer:  Anyway, it's been two years. I mean isn't there like statue of limitations on that?

Jerry:  Statute.

Kramer:  What?

Jerry:  Statute of limitations. It's not a statue.

Kramer:  No, statue.

Jerry:  Fine, it's a sculpture of limitations.

Kramer:  Just wait a minute... Elaine, Elaine! Now, you're smart, is it statue or statute of limitations?

Elaine: Stat-UTE.

OK, so you shouldn't rely on Cosmo Kramer's legal knowledge. But Kramer's confusion has a point: The statute of limitations can be a difficult thing to understand if you're not an expert.

The statute of limitations is a legal rule that limits how much time a party has to bring a lawsuit. If you wait too long to file your lawsuit, you may lose the right to sue for compensation for your injuries. The amount of time you have to file your lawsuit depends on the type of claim you're making.

If you think you have a claim for an injury, you should keep the statute of limitations in mind. No matter how you were injured -- in a car accident, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident, a slip/trip & fall, or a pedestrian accident, or as the result of medical malpractice or a dog bite -- a statute of limitations applies. Just how long the statute is for a given case depends on many factors, including the age of the person injured, the state where the injury took place, and the identity of the other party or parties. That is why it is important to get a consultation with an attorney as soon as you can after sustaining an injury.

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